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How to Contact Your Teacher

Your teacher's email address is on the website.

1. Go to the "Our Schools / Programs" link above.

2. Select "Contact Us".

3. Select "Staff Directory" on the left.

4. Click the triangle / arrow in front of the teacher's name for a drop down menu.

5. Click on the email link and complete the information requested.


Scholarship Package

Scholarship Package

Here is the Scholarship Package for this year. The deadline is May 1, 2020.


Please note that an online form will soon be available for the District Scholarship Package.



Student Zimbra

  To access your student Zimbra account:

  • Use this link: student.sd73.bc.ca 
  • Your username is “firstname.lastname”   eg: “sylvain.menard”
  • Your default password is your student number preceded by the letters “sd” eg: “sd123456”

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