Parkcrest Elementary Closed until Further Notice

Posted On Thursday September 05, 2019

District Superintendent of Schools Alison Sidow and district administrative staff have contacted staff and parents to let them know Parkcrest Elementary School has been extensively damaged due to a fire during the late afternoon of September 5. 

Until further notice, Parkcrest Elementary School will not be open to students. Families are asked to make alternate arrangements for the supervision of their children beginning Friday September 6, and for the following week, September 9 through to September 13. District staff are developing a plan to ensure the emotional well-being and education of students. 

"The loss of Parkcrest Elementary is devastating to students and staff who worked and learned in the building," said Sidow. "Children may experience varied reactions to this event, including trouble sleeping, concentrating or listening."

If a child becomes more irritable, sad, angry or worried as they think about what happened, Sidow said the first important step is to listen and pay attention to what they say and how they act, and remember that they may also show their feelings in non-verbal ways. 

"Listen, observe, and note any changes in behaviour," she said. "Let them know that we are working to get them back to school as soon as we can. Please reach out to Principal Catherine Gorman if you have any concerns or would like to access counselling for your child."

Emotional support was offered during the evening hours of September 5 at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints on Parkcrest Avenue. 

Please stay tuned for more updates as they are available. 




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