2022 February Short-Film Festival: Respect For Diversity

Posted On Wednesday January 26, 2022

As parents, you are invited to participate in the 2022 February Short-Film Festival: Respect For Diversity. This festival is a community-building activity dedicated to engaging learners in conversations about the important role diversity plays in the development of rich, caring, and inclusive cultures.

Diversity brings strength to our communities; we are stronger together. Our culturally rich and diverse community recently showed a resilient spirit by pulling together to support one another through some challenging times to rebuild and strengthen our neighboring communities. These acts of humanity – taking care of each other – reflect hope and demonstrate the compassion that lives within our region.

As we begin to understand ourselves, we grow as learners and humans. Through reflection, with patience and kindness, we develop our identity. As we acknowledge the differences and strengths around us, we build connections to our community. 

To participate in the Short-Film Festival alongside your child, click on the file below to access each film of the day for the month of February. Enjoy!

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