Get Ready with the Wildfire Preparedness Guide

Posted On Monday July 12, 2021

It looks like we are in for a smoky summer, filled with news of wildfires and evacuation alerts, and the BC Government has shared a Wildfire Preparedness Guide with the District in the hope that parents will find it helpful.

“Wildfires are already happening in and around the Kamloops-Thompson School District, and some of the information in this guide might make the difference for some families,” said Dr. Rhonda Nixon, School Superintendent. “It’s important information for all of us. We need to know how to be ready on short notice, and unfortunately, we may need to maintain this readiness for much of the summer.”

The guide includes a list of what to pack in a go-bag, like phone chargers, flashlights and important personal documents in addition to food, clothes and water. 

“Know your evacuation stages,” says the guide. “Understand the evacuation stages in British Columbia, and what to do for each. This will help you respond quickly and confidently.”

The guide lists each of the three evacuation stages (Evacuation Alert, Evacuation Order, Evacuation Rescind) and tells you what to do for each stage.

Some things might surprise you. For example, for an Evacuation Alert, taking down flammable curtains and window treatments and filling large containers with water (pools, hot tubs, garbage cans) can help firefighters. For an Evacuation Order, closing all the doors and turning on all the lights (both interior and exterior) makes your home visible to firefighters in heavy smoke.

In addition to having go-bags packed and staying aware of the situation in your community, you should always keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half-full. 

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